A Disney Pins Filled Christmas | Disney Munchlings Disney Pins

December 26, 2022

Happy Monday + happy day after Christmas. This time of the year is always bittersweet for me. On the one hand I’m sad that the Christmas season is over. But then again, I’m excited for a New Year and new adventures! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and great holiday season. And that you’re staying warm (it got to like -8 here in Chicago at one point!).

This Christmas I got a ton of adorable Disney pins to add to my Disney pins collections. I didn’t get the chance to take photos of all of the pins (because I wanted to get them up on the pin boards as soon as possible). But I did remember to take some photos of a couple of my new pins.

Here’s a few of the Disney Pins I got for Christmas:Disney pins Big Hero 6 Disney pins

I got five amazing Big Hero 6 pins for Christmas. “Santa” got some of these from verified pin sellers on eBay and some from Instagram pin sales. I am so HAPPY that I finally have the One Family Big Hero 6 pin because I didn’t have any Tadashi pins.

Disney Munchlings Disney Pins

“Santa” also got me four Disney Munchlings Disney Pins mystery bags. I was so excited when I saw these because they were completely sold out when I visited Disney World last month. They appeared on ShopDisney briefly this month but sold out super fast. So good looking out Santa!

Disney Munchlings Disney Pins

There are 16 different pins to collect. I want them all eventually but I was ISO (in search of) the Baymax pin since the collection first released. Since I got four bags, and each bag comes with 5 pins, there were 20 pins for me to open. With those odds I had to get Baymax, right? RIGHT?

Disney Munchlings Disney Pins Baymax Mucnchlings Pin


Disney Munchlings Disney Pins

Out of the 20 pins I opened, I got 13 of the 16 pins you could collect. So I’m only missing three from this collection. I’m so happy I got the Baymax pin, Chip and Dale pins and the Winnie the Pooh pin. I love them all, but those are definitely my favorites.