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Disney Cruise Line: Fish Extenders 101

January 17, 2018

Disney Cruise Fish Extenders
Back in April when I first learned I was going on a Disney Cruise, the first thing that came to mind was “I can’t wait to do Fish Extenders!”. Fish Extenders are such a fun and unique part of the Disney Cruise Line experience and I was so excited to finally be able to experience it first hand.

What’s a Fish Extender you ask? Fish Extenders are a fun fan-made tradition specific to Disney Cruise Line. Fish Extenders got their name because of the fish shaped hook located outside of every stateroom door on the Disney Cruise ships. Disney Cruise Line employees often use this fish hook as a place to leave excursion tickets, navigators, and other things. Well in 2005, a member named Epcotkilterfan thought it would be a fun way for Disboard members to exchange gifts and spread more Disney magic, thus Fish Extenders were born!

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Happy New Year // Goals For 2018

January 12, 2018

Happy New Year // Goals For 2018
As some of you can already tell from my various bucket lists, my 12 Months of Happiness series and my Must Have series, I LOVE coming up with lists! It’s just so much fun jotting down ideas and making lists (and then crossing off all the things on the list!). Since it’s 2018 (it still feels weird typing that number out) I thought it would be fun to share a few of my goals for the year. 

I’ve never been one for resolutions, I prefer setting goals for myself. That way, there’s less pressure if things don’t work out exactly how I planned (unlike resolutions, where I feel so stressed to achieve them!).

Here are some of my goals for 2018:

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Three Tasty Snacks To Make On Game Day

January 8, 2018

This post is sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc, but the content and opinions are my own.Calling all sports fans! Can you believe we’re just weeks away from the Big Game? While I’m a HUGE fan of hosting get togethers, there’s always one thing that makes me a little uneasy: planning the menu! I know a lot of people go all out with fancy recipes for their Game Day parties but since I’m more of a novice, I like to go for the more simple recipes!

Here are my three favorite simple snacks to make for game day: Continue reading

12 Months of Happiness: December 2017

December 29, 2017

12 Months of HappinessHappy Friday and welcome to the latest installment of my 12 Months of Happiness series! Although I’m currently at Disney World (aka my second home), and I usually don’t like to blog while I’m away on vacation, I couldn’t end the year without finishing off my 12 Months of Happiness series! Don’t worry, this series will be back in 2018 for its FOURTH year here on the blog!

I can’t believe that there’s only two more days until 2018?! It feels SO weird even typing out “2018”. Although there were a few bumps along the way, 2017 definitely shaped up to be a pretty good year and I can’t wait to ring in the New Year here at Disney World! Here are some of the things that made me happy in December (Don’t forget to comment down below how your December went and what things made you smile this month!)

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What I’m Looking Forward To This Winter (2017-2018)

December 22, 2017

Happy Friday and welcome back to another installment of my “What I’m Looking Forward To” series! Since it’s now OFFICIALLY winter (aka one of my favorite times of the year), I thought today would be the perfect time to share with you all a few things I’m looking forward to this season. 

For me, winter means building snowmen, hot cocoa, travelingholiday lights, Christmas joy, New Years resolutions, peppermint bark, fuzzy sweaters, ice skating, hanging out with friends and everything in between! Here are a few of the things I’m looking forward to this winter (for reference, winter is from December 21, 2017 – March 20, 2018). Continue reading