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Scott Listfield ‘Astronaut’ Exhibit at Rotofugi Gallery

July 6, 2015

Scott Listfield Invasion
Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery is easily one of my favorite places here in Chicago (in fact, I visit weekly!) Although I’ve blogged about Rotofugi in the past, I’ve realized that I’ve never actually talked about (or shown) the art gallery side of it! Basically, Rotofugi is a (designer) toy store and an art gallery rolled into one (which is why it’s my FAVORITE place because it mixes two of my loves: toy collecting & art!) Each month (or so), the gallery gets a new exhibit (usually with a visit from the actual artist on opening day!) Rotofugi Gallery’s newest exhibit: Astronaut by Scott Listfield might be one of my favorites so far! Here are a few of my favorite paintings:

A Day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

November 3, 2014

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Happy November everyone! I’ve finally gotten around to cleaning out my camera and I’m excited to share some more of my favorite memories (and photos) from my trip to New York City last month! While in NYC, I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’m a HUGE museum lover and every time I visit a new city, I always love to check out their museums. While this wasn’t my first time in New York (more like my eighth), it was the first time I visited ANY of the museums. While I like all types of museums, art museums will always have a special place in my heart! Here are some of my favorite photo’s I snapped while in the museum:

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A Visit To The Museum of Modern Art

October 16, 2014

The Museum of Modern Art
Last week, I started my trip to New York with a visit to The Museum of Modern Art (or MoMA!) I’ve wanted to visit MoMA since I was a little girl! Every time I go to New York, I promise myself that I’ll visit it but I never have time. I told myself that no matter what, the next time I visit I’ll make the time to stop by ALL the museums I’ve been itching to visit! Luckily, the wonderful folks at CityPass wanted to help me fulfill this goal and provided me with a New York CityPass so I could visit some of New York’s most talked about destinations [sorry in advance for the photo overload!

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A Night at the Art Institute of Chicago + 200th Post

August 12, 2014

*Three Quick Fun Facts: #1 Sunday (August 10) was Simply Sinova’s 15 month anniversary. #2 Last week Simply Sinova hit a total social media following of 10,000 (holy smokes, I still can’t believe it!) #3 This is Simply Sinova’s 200th blog post (Hooray!) Now onto the regularly scheduled programming* 
The Art Institute of Chicago is one of my favorite places in the entire city. I could spend hours looking at all of the beautiful artwork (and browsing the gift shop of course.) Every Thursday from 5-8PM the museum offers free admission to all Illinois residents, so weekly visits have become sort of a tradition of mine (fun on a budget!) As soon as I enter the museum I immediately head downstairs to visit the paperweights! I love the Arthur Rubloff Collection of Paperweights, it’s probably one of my favorite rooms in the entire museum. 

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Exploring the Museum of Contemporary Art

May 15, 2014

museum of contemporary art chicago
One of my favorite things about living in Chicago is the fact that the city is emerged in culture.  From its many museums to its Broadway plays, there is always some new exhibit or show opening that I want to see. Tuesday was a bit windy and rainy so I decided to get out of the house and spend my day exploring the Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum had five exhibits I’d been itching to see: Warhol and Marisol, Alexander Calder, William J. O’Brien, Isa Genzken: Retrospective and Unbound: Contemporary Art After Frida Kahlo. Here are some of my favorite photos from my trip:

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