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Blind Box & Bag Roundup 36. (Disney Villains Series 2 Figural Keyrings)

October 7, 2016

Disney Villains Series 2 Figural Keyrings
Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup! I feel like it’s been forever since I opened up some figural keyrings on the blog (okay, it’s only been four months but you know what I mean). I absolutely love collecting figural keyrings (especially the Disney ones). When I was younger, I loved collecting little keychains (and magnets) from all the places I’d visit. So for me, collecting figural keyrings is kind of a no brainer (do you see how cute they look?!) Last year around this time I opened up one of the Disney Villains Series 1 Figural Keyrings (and I got Lock from the Nightmare Before Christmas), so it only felt right to open up a few of the Disney Villains Series 2 Figural Keyrings! As some of you may already know, I’m a HUGE villains fan. In fact, the villains are often my favorite characters in Disney films (what can I say, villains always have great storylines and awesome musical numbers. What’s not to love?). Continue reading

Blind Box & Bag Roundup 35. (Funko Disney Villains Mystery Minis)

September 26, 2016

Funko Disney Villains Mystery Minis
Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup! If you’ve been keeping up with my BB&BR’s then you already know that I am obsessed with the new Funko Mystery Mini mold (it’s so kawaii I can’t even handle it!). I’ve really been loving how many new Mystery Minis Funko has been releasing lately and I was so EXCITED when Funko announced that there were making Disney Villains Mystery Minis. As some of you may or may not know, I’m a HUGE ‘villains’ fan. In fact, the villains are often my favorite characters in Disney films (is it just me or do villains always have the BEST songs and backstories? Speaking of villains, who else saw last night’s Once Upon A Time premiere?!!?). Since I LOVED the Harry Potter, Alice Through the Looking Glass and Disney Princess Mystery Minis so much, picking up a few of the new Disney Villains Mystery Minis was a no brainer! I’ve heard from a few people that these are supposedly hard to find at the moment but my local Hot Topic actually had two whole cases. Since I had a coupon (Hot Topic coupons ALWAYS come in handy), I decided to pick up four boxes! Continue reading

Blind Box & Bag Roundup 34. (Disney Park Series #16 Vinylmations)

September 12, 2016

Park Series 16 Vinylmation
Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup! If you checked out my latest Disney World Haul, then you may recall that I picked up two Park Series #16 Vinylmations while I was at Disney World last month. I actually picked up the Park Series #16 Vinylmations from Disney’s Character Warehouse for only $3 (which is a STEAL since Vinylmations are usually $12+). Although I really love Vinylmation’s (you can check out more Vinlymation openings HERE), I haven’t really bought any lately (although I ALMOST bought the adorable new Beauty and the Beast ones) because there’s just so expensive ($12 per figure definitely adds up FAST!). That’s why I was super happy to find these Park Series #16 Vinylmations at Disney’s Character Warehouse (you know I’m always down for a good bargain!).  Continue reading

Blind Box & Bag Roundup 33. (Finding Dory Surprise Eggs)

August 19, 2016

Finding Dory Chocolate Surprise Egg Toy
Happy Friday! Sorry for the silence here on the blog lately (I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately). I’m currently in Orlando and the wifi at my hotel has been HORRIBLE. There was a mini storm (gotta love that Florida weather) earlier this week and it messed up all the routers and the entire hotel has been without wifi for the past few days. On the one hand I was livid because my livelihood depends on having internet access but on the other hand, sometimes unplugging from technology can be JUST what’s needed. Since I’m currently in Florida visiting Disney World (and Universal Orlando, I recently become an annual peashooter there as well), I thought it would be fitting that this week’s Blind Box and Bag Roundup be Disney/Pixar themed. I LOVED opening the Frozen Surprise Eggs awhile back so when I saw these Finding Dory Surprise Eggs, I KNEW I had to pick up a few! Continue reading

Funko Harry Potter Mystery Minis

Blind Box & Bag Roundup 32. (Funko Harry Potter Mystery Minis)

July 21, 2016

Funko Harry Potter Mystery Minis
Happy Thursday and welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup! Like most millennials (let’s face it, like most people in general), I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione and for that reason, the Harry Potter series will forever have a special place in my heart. Speaking of Harry Potter, I’m super excited because in three weeks I’ll be visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter again (I had a BLAST visiting it back in 2014 during Christmas time) and if that wasn’t exciting enough, I’ll be visiting it AGAIN in September (woot woot!). While I was at Target last night, I spotted these Funko Harry Potter Mystery Minis and I KNEW I had to get them (Harry Potter blind boxes?! Say no more, just shut up and take my money!). I’d heard that Funko would be coming out with Harry Potter Mystery Minis at some point but I didn’t know that they’d already been released (thank goodness for daily Target trips!). Continue reading