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The Bath & Body Works $8.95 3-Wick Candle Day Sale

December 1, 2018

Bath & Body Works $8.95 3-Wick Candle Day Sale
Happy December! (Can you believe there’s only 24 days until CHRISTMAS). I know what you’re thinking, “It’s Saturday, why are you posting?”. I know I don’t normally post on the weekends but I thought the events of today warranted a post! Today’s the day all of us Bath & Body Works candle lovers wait for: the $8.95 3-Wick Candle Day Sale!  

Let me tell you, I’ve experienced Candle Day before but NEVER like this. The lines were out the door, babies were screaming and someone legit wanted to fight me over a candle BUT I scored 19 candles for $130 so it all worked out in the end!

Here’s how the Candle Day Sale went down:

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Christmastime is Here

November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving is officially over which means I no longer feel guilty about posting about Christmas! (Let’s be honest though, I started decorating and getting in Christmas mode the day after Halloween). I don’t know about you but Christmas just makes me SO happy. Not just the day itself, but the spirit of the holiday and everything that goes along with it.

I could literally be in a sour mood and then see a Santa pillow at Target and instantly become happy. It’s weird, but Christmas does that to me. I’m 26 and I still get just as excited about what Santa is going to bring me as I did when I was 6! (Because Santa IS real guys!).

Christmastime is officially here and I’m living!

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Getting Ready For The Holidays: Picking Out Wrapping Paper

November 10, 2017

Disney Christmas Wrapping Paper
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

No really, I’m serious. Chicago is already starting to transform into a Christmasy Winter Wonderland. In fact, next Friday is the 104th Anniversary of the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Then the following day is the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival! I LOVE the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Attending the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Speaking of holiday traditions, one of my favorite ways to prep for the holidays is:

Picking out new Christmas wrapping paper!

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