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Simple Summer Cocktail Recipe: Alizé Apple Hawaiian Fizz

July 10, 2017

*This post was sponsored on behalf of Alizé via One2One Network. As always, all opinions are my own*Alize Apple Vodka
Summer is in full swing here in Chicago (90+ degree weather and all!). Music festival season is upon us, the beaches are packed and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. Since the weather has been pretty good lately (especially considering we’re in the middle of summer right now), I decided to finally set up my new patio set (my previous one sadly broke recently) and prep the background for all the fun outdoor summer activities I have planned. Spending more time outside in my backyard is definitely one of my favorite things about this time of year. I love having lunch (or dinner) outside on the patio set or curling up with a good book while relaxing in the shade. I also LOVE hosting little get-togethers and outdoor parties during this time of year (nothing says summer like a fun backyard cookout!). Since there’s a heat wave heading to the midwest next week, I’ve been trying to take advantage of the nice weather while I still can. I decided what better way to celebrate the last few days of good weather then by hosting a last minute backyard get-together! Of course it’s not a backyard bash without a few yummy cocktails! Continue reading

10 Reasons Why I Love Living in Chicago

July 5, 2017

10 Reasons Why Chicago is An Amazing Place to Live
Oh Chicago, my home sweet home. Although I love traveling and I travel quite a bit (especially these past three years), there’s no place I’d rather call my home then the good ole Windy City. Quick fun fact, we’re known as the “Windy City” because of our politicians NOT because of the weather. I’ve lived in Chicago for 22 years now (since I was three) so maybe that makes be a bit bias but there’s no city quite like Chicago, in my opinion. One of the greatest things about living in Chicago is the fact that it combines that big city/urban feel with the Midwestern charm! It’s like living in a small town but a big city all at the same time (if that makes sense!). It took leaving Chicago for a period of time (during the four years I was in college) to truly realize just how lucky us Chicagoans have it! Here are ten reasons why I love living in Chicago (although I could probably name 100):  Continue reading

Satisfy Your Cravings & Indulge with Kemps Yo2 Frozen Yogurt

May 28, 2017

*Special thanks to Kemps for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*Kemps Yo2 Frozen Yogurt
Happy Monday (and Memorial Day) everyone! I don’t know if you’ve noticed it but lately I’ve found myself slacking a little bit when it comes to posting regularly (whoops!). I’ve been a little stressed lately and I feel like there’s just so much on my plate right now (but hey, no complaints here! I actually prefer being super busy/having a jam packed schedule). I’ve talked about this a few times on the blog before but in case you’re new here, I’m currently in the process of writing a screenplay and it’s definitely time consuming. Although this screenplay is super important to me, I don’t want this blog to have to take a backseat to it. So, I’m challenging myself to get back to my old blogging schedule (new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) while still making the time to work on finishing my screenplay. Although writing is my number one passion (and I’m so grateful to have found a way to make a living off of it), having to constantly come up with fresh ideas, execute them, edit (and edit some more) and meet numerous deadlines can get a little stressful. So I thought to myself, “What’s the best kind of stress reliever?’. Frozen Yogurt, duh!
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The Perfect Movie Marathon Snack: MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy

May 17, 2017

*Special thanks to MILKA OREO for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*
You guys, last night I did something a little crazy. Okay, let me backtrack a little. As many of you know (it’s pretty obvious if you spend more than .0001 seconds on my blog or Instagram), I LOVE Disney. No seriously, I know a lot of people love Disney but I LOVE Disney. In fact, for the past two years (since May 2015) I’ve been a Disney Premier Passport Holder (meaning I have annual passes for BOTH Disneyland and Disney World) and in 2016 I became a Disneyland Paris annual passholder (I’ve visited Disneyland Paris twice so far!). So basically I visit the Disney Parks every two or three months (which is crazy since I live in Chicago/no where near any of the Disney Parks!). Now back to the crazy part. Last night I was searching through flights (something I often do) and I found an unbelievable price on a flight to Orlando in June. So, even though I’m already heading to Disney World in August, I booked another trip for June (two trips within a month of each other? Talk about a Disney filled summer!). I am SO excited because that means I get to explore Pandora – The World of Avatar (the newest addition to Animal Kingdom) two months earlier than expected. To celebrate my last-minute Disney trip, I decided to have a little Disney movie marathon and of course no movie marathon is complete with MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy! Continue reading

7 Gym Bag Essentials for Every Woman

May 8, 2017

 *Special thanks to U By Kotex for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*
7 Gym Bag Essentials for Every Woman
When it comes to staying active, I think I’ve finally found a routine that works best with my busy schedule (it sure did take me long enough). For now, my workout routine consists of daily (or every other day, since the weather has been a little crazy lately) jogging (or biking), yoga classes (when I have the time) and weekend visits to the gym. Since I’m constantly on the go (between work and traveling), I try to get in as many yoga classes and “gym days” as I can (since they’re harder to factor into my schedule than a simple jog or bike ride!). This past weekend I decided to get in some much needed gym time so today, I decided that it would be fun to share a few of my favorite gym bag musts! Here are the seven gym bag essentials that every gym-goer should keep in her gym bag at any given time (ladies, I’m pretty sure we can all agree on number seven!).
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