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Cupcake Showdown: Georgetown Cupcake vs Sprinkles Cupcakes

May 20, 2019

Georgetown Cupcake Washington DCHappy Monday! I just got back from a brief trip to Washington, D.C. and while I was going through some of the photos I took (for a Bits and Pieces post) I noticed 90% of the photos were food related. Not only that, most of them were cupcake related! While I was in DC I stopped by both Georgetown Cupcake and Sprinkles Cupcakes (within an hour of each other oddly enough) so I thought it would be fun to do a little “Cupcake Showdown” post.

Warning, I am NOT a big “sweets person” (although cupcakes are probably my favorite dessert) so my opinion might be slightly different from someone who is a cupcake enthusiastic. BUTsince I have no allegiance to or preference of either cupcake shop, I think I can successfully offer a non-bias opinion.

I will rate each cupcake on the following: taste “cake”, taste “icing”, location, price, flavor versatility, “buzz”/it factor and presentation.

The cupcake shop with the most points out of 7 WINS!

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Bits and Pieces: Universal’s Islands of Adventure

May 15, 2019

Happy Hump Day! Today I decided to share a few photos from my favorite place on Earth: Universal Orlando Resort. Just kidding. Not about sharing the photos but about Universal being my favorite place. Even though my love/mostly hate relationship with this theme park started when I was a kid, I STILL, even after all the times it’s let me down, try to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

Universal Orlando Resort consists of two parks: Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios (well technically it’s now three parks including Volcano Bay but you get what I mean). This post is decided to my favorite of the two, Universal’s Islands of Adventure. No shade to Universal Studios but Islands of Adventure is legit 100 times better.

(It’s not even my opinion it’s FACT!).

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Bits and Pieces: Disney’s Animal Kingdom / Happy Earth Day

April 22, 2019

Animal Kingdom Tree of LifeHappy Monday/Earth Day/birthday to Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Fun fact: Animal Kingdom was my favorite park when I was a kid (now as an adult, Epcot is my favorite). I remember watching the news and seeing updates on how the Tree of Life was going to be built and how it was going to look. I even got to visit Animal Kingdom during it’s opening year back in 1998. Even though I was only six at the time, I will never forget the first time I laid eyes on the Tree of Life.

I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped to the ground.

Even to this day, 21 years later, the Tree of Life is still one of the most beautiful sights in all of Disney World. To honor one of my favorite parks, on their 21st birthday (DAK can finally drink!), I wanted to share a few photos from my recent trip to Disney World last week!

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Trying Voodoo Doughnut at Universal CityWalk in Orlando

March 27, 2019

Voodoo Doughnut at Universal CityWalk in Orlando
You guys, I FINALLY got to visit Voodoo Doughnut at Universal CityWalk in Orlando during my most recent trip to Florida in February. I’d been wanting to try Voodoo Doughnut for the longest time. I have a friend who had them in Portland and would not stop raving about them. Unfortunately, whenever I was visiting Disneyland, I  never seemed to have the time to head over to Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk to check them out.

That’s why I was SO excited when it was announced that Voodoo Doughnut would finally be making its way over to Orlando! (Thank you doughnut gods.)

Side note: I know legit GROWN adults who don’t know that the correct spelling of doughnut is “doughnut.”

Curse you Dukin’ Donuts. 

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Bits and Pieces: Walt Disney World During Wintertime

March 11, 2019

Disney World Mickey and Minnie 90th birthday outfit Before we get into this post, can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable Mickey and Minnie look in their 90th birthday outfits? Like can they stop being SO cute? Gosh I love these two. Any who, back to the post! Welcome to Bits and Pieces, a new series here on Simply Sinova.  Bits and Pieces will highlight, well…bits and pieces of my life/different topics. It’s kind of hard to explain (not really) but you’ll get the concept the more Bits and Pieces I post!

First of all, I just want to say that I’m trying SUPER hard to get back into the swing of blogging on a regular schedule. When I first started this blog back in 2013 (Woah, that seems like forever ago), I would try to post at least once a week. Then from around 2014-mid 2018, I would try to post three times a week. But then I just got super busy with work and freelance stuff (and I got super lazy as well).

Hopefully a new series, and a bunch of other cool ideas I have floating around, will help breath some fresh air into this blog! (And help with my writers block/overall laziness).

Here are a few Bits and Pieces of my most recent trip to Walt Disney World:

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