Healthy Meals Made Easy Thanks to Snap Kitchen

January 31, 2017

*Special thanks to Snap Kitchen for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*Snap Kitchen
As some of you may know, especially if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (simplysinova), I’ve been SUPER sick for the past week and a half. No seriously, it got so bad that I had to go to the hospital last week. Basically, my doctor said that I’m in the early stages of pneumonia (I blame it on all this constant weather change here in Chicago. One day it’s in the high 50s and then the next day it’s 14 degrees?!). Now I don’t know about you but whenever I’m sick, the last thing I think about is eating right/healthy. As I’ve shared on the blog before, “living a healthier lifestyle” is definitely a huge goal of mine and I didn’t want this wholeness sickness thing to derail all of my progress. Over the past two years, I’ve gone from eating fast food almost daily to eating healthy home cooked meals at least six days a week. This past week I’ve barley had the energy to get out of bed, let alone cook, so instead of stressing about cooking, I dedicated to let Snap Kitchen do all the work for me!  Continue reading


12 Months of Happiness: January 2017

January 30, 2017

12 Months of Happiness
Happy Monday! I am so EXCITED to be continuing on with my 12 Months of Happiness series this year. For those of you who are new readers, here’s a little bit of a 12 Months of Happiness recap: I had such a blast doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge back in 2014, that I wanted to start a little happiness project of my own but instead of doing a daily photo challenge, I thought it would be fun to recap a few of the things that made me happy each month! Now, here we are THREE years later (that’s right, this is the THIRD year of my 12 Months of Happiness series)! I am so grateful for all of the love, support and positive feedback I’ve gotten from you all on these series. I love going back through this series from time to time and looking at what made me (and all of you, thanks for all the lovely comments) happy in August 2015 or May 2016, etc. That in itself makes me happy. Here are some of the things that made January an amazing month: (Don’t forget to comment down below how your January went and what things made you smile this month! I LOVE hearing from you guys about what makes you happy): Continue reading


Epcot International Festival of the Arts | Walt Disney World Resort

January 25, 2017

Epcot International Festival of the Arts
Happy Wednesday everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last post (almost 12 days, yikes!). In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I first launched this blog back in 2013 (side note, I can’t believe this blog is turning FOUR years old later this year?! Man does time fly by!). I’ve just been super sick lately (I’ve literally been coughing non-stop for the past three days, which is odd because the weather has been beautiful here in Chicago) and although I’ve wanted to post, I just didn’t feel up to it. That’s one of my favorite things about having a blog, I have the powerful (if you read that in He-Man’s voice then you’re awesome) to update as often as I want! As some of you may know (especially if you follow me on Instagram), I spent last week (and a part of the week before that) at Disney World (aka my second home) exploring the (first ever) Epcot International Festival of the Arts. Although I wasn’t planning on visiting Disney World again until March (for the kickoff of the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival), after hearing more details about the Epcot International Festival of the Arts I knew I HAD to check it ou(what kind of Disney lover/annual passholder would I be if I didn’t?). So, I decided to take an impromptu trip (I literally planned and booked the trip FOUR DAYS before hand) to Florida! Traveling and Disney are two of my favorite things so whenever the opportunity to combine the two arrives, I JUMP at it!  Continue reading


Disneyland Paris Haul: Christmas 2016

January 13, 2017

Disneyland Paris Haul
Happy Friday! It’s a new month (and new year), which means it’s time for a new Disney Haul! Since I recently shared some of my favorite photos from Christmastime at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park, I thought today would be the perfect day to share my latest Disneyland Paris haul! Speaking of the Disney Parks, I’m heading to Disney World this weekend (in a few hours actually) to check out the first ever Epcot International Festival of the Arts and I’m so excited! If you’re a Disney (or Universal Orlando, since I’ll be visiting there too) lover, like me, or if you’re curious about the Epcot International Festival of the Arts, make sure to follow along on Instagram and snapchat (simplysinova)! Since I went a little over board the last time I visited Disneyland Paris (you can check out that haul here), I really didn’t get that much stuff this time (to be honest, there wasn’t that much more new merchandise since my last visit). Since I didn’t get that much at the parks (this is definitely one of my smallest hauls), I decided to also include the few things I got while I was in Paris (aka non-Disney items). Like I say in all my Disney Haul posts, a quick disclosure: since I am a Disneyland Paris annual passholder (that’s right, I’m currently an annual passholder to Disneyland Paris, Universal Orlando Resort, Disneyland AND Disney World), I get a pretty good discount on merchandise (20% off, woot woot!). Here’s my Disneyland Paris Christmas Haul: Continue reading


Christmastime at Disneyland Paris & Walt Disney Studios Park

January 11, 2017

Christmastime at Disneyland Paris
I know Christmas was three weeks ago (although it seems like it was yesterday) but I still wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from Christmastime at Disneyland Paris & Walt Disney Studios Park! Although I usually spend the holidays at Disney World, I decided to switch things up this year (well, technically “last” year) and spend Christmas and New Years at Disneyland Paris. Since I’ve experienced Disneyland during the holidays and Disney World during the holidays, it only made since to finally experience Christmastime at Disneyland Paris (and next year I might be experiencing Tokyo Disneyland during the holidays, so that’s fun!). Speaking of the Disney Parks, if you checked out my goals for 2017 post then you may recall that one of my goals for this year (and every year) is to travel more. Since I have a Disney Premier Passport (aka an annual pass to both Disneyland and Disney World), I travel to the Disney Parks quite frequently (in fact, I’ve been visiting the Disney Parks basically every other month since I first got my Disney Premier Passport in 2015). Even though I wasn’t planning on visiting Disney World again until March (I’ll be attending the first weekend of the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival), you all know how I LOVE spontaneous trips! Since the first ever Epcot International Festival of the Arts starts this weekend, I RANDOMLY decided to go and check it out! Yup that’s right, I’m heading to Disney World THIS weekend (talk about a great way to start off the new year!). Continue reading