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About Time Official Trailer

June 24, 2013

About Time is an upcoming British romantic comedy science fiction film revolving around time travel where a young man tries to change his past to have a better future.
I am SO EXCITED to see this movie.
A) It’s directed by Richard Curtis, the director of Love Actually. Love Actually is one of my favorite films. How could you not love it? With an all star cast including: Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Keira Knightley, Martine McCutcheon AND Bill Nighy?? It’s one of those rare Christmas movies that you can watch year round.

B) It seems so cute. Just the 2:32 trailer alone had me about to cry at the cuteness (I know, but I love sappy stuff.) 
C) The Cast!  Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson lead this adorable ensemble. 
D) It doesn’t hurt that my FAVORITE Of Monsters and Men song, Lakehouse, is featured in the trailer! 
About time is set to release in theaters November 8, 2013.