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Airport Fun

January 14, 2014

My love for airports is no secret. I chalk it up to the amount of traveling I did as a kid and the fact that some of my favorite movie and television scenes happen to take place in airports  I find them so comforting and relaxing. Sunday was my second time visiting the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and I absolutely ADORE it.
What I love most about airports are the cute little shops, the yummy (albeit expensive) snacks and the welcoming feeling you get.

6 Airports in 3 Weeks / My Obsession With Airports

December 14, 2013

In the past three weeks I’ve been to six (ORD, JFK, SCE, IAD, DCA and DTW) different airports. and I must say, I love airports! Seriously, airports are the BEST! I’ve been flying since a very young age and I’ve been flying by myself since I was a teenager. 

I just find airports to be so fascinating. Maybe it has to do with my Love Actually obsession, but I think airports are very comforting.

People saying goodbye to love ones, meeting up with old friends, traveling to far and fun places, it all excites me. 

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