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BuzzFeed Goodies

May 9, 2014

BuzzFeed Gift
Last week I got an email from BuzzFeed Community Moderator Spencer Althouse saying I was one of BuzzFeed’s top Community members for the month of April! To show his appreciation and help aid in my creative process (his words) he decided to send me some awesome BuzzFeed swag! I’m so honored to have been one of BuzzFeed’s top Community members! In just three weeks my BuzzFeed viral dashboard hit just under half a MILLION views after four of my posts went viral and landed on the homepage.

BuzzFeed Pin
BuzzFeed Stickers
BuzzFeed Goodies
BuzzFeed Pen
He sent me 5 awesome pins (my favorite is the “I make shit go viral on BuzzFeed” one), a BuzzFeed pen, sticky notes with the word ‘cute’ one them, a red journal (which says BuzzFeed on the front but the camera doesn’t pick it up), seven stickers and a hand written note! This really brightened my day! I read BuzzFeed literally everyday so it’s fun to know that I’m impressing the staff with my work! I’ve already got 3 more BuzzFeed articles lined up!