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Bits and Pieces: Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

April 25, 2022

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival
Happy Monday everyone! I got back from my birthday Disneyland trip last Monday (technically Tuesday morning) so it’s the perfect time to start sharing little bits and pieces from the trip. It’s weird because normally I write my blog posts on my laptop but today I’m typing it up on my iMac so it’s a little different. I don’t use my iMac much so I’m trying to give it a little more attention. 

Any who, you all know that I love a good Epcot festival. The Festival of the Arts, the Flower and Garden Festival, the Festival of the Holidays and, of course, the Food and Wine Festival. But oddly enough, I’ve never gotten to experience a festival at DCA. So I was super excited when I learned that my birthday trip was going to fall during the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.

Here’s a little mini recap of the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival:

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The Pizza Press

July 29, 2015

Located directly across the street from Disneyland lies one of my (and my mom’s) favorite Anaheim eateries: The Pizza Press! The Pizza Press is an adorable little pizza place where you can choose from their yummy recipes or build your own pizza. We discovered the Pizza Press on our first night in Anaheim (since it was right next to our hotel) and instantly fell in love. In fact, the Pizza Press became our go-to daily (yes, DAILY) lunch spot during our five day Disneyland trip. After spending a few hours at the parks, we’d run over to the Pizza Press, have lunch, rest for an hour in our hotel room and then head back to Disney for the rest of the day. It was so funny because we weren’t the only ones with this idea. The Pizza Press was constantly filled with people wearing Mickey ears and Disney gear. The employees were so nice that they even allowed us to use our Disney pass holders discount (15% off food) our first time visiting even though they aren’t affiliated with Disney (they also gave us another discount since it was my mom’s birthday one of the days we were in California!) Continue reading

Disney California Adventure | Disneyland Resort

June 19, 2015

Disney California Adventure Mickey's Fun Wheel
Happy Friday! Man, this week has been CRAZY! I know I say that a lot on this blog but I seriously can’t wait for this week to be over. I’ve been working non-stop, taking on more freelance jobs than usual AND I had a little scare this week with my puppy Loki (he wasn’t eating but we took him to the vet yesterday and thankfully all is well!) In order words, I’m in desperate need of a break. So I thought what better way to relax than going through my photos from my trip to California last month. Since I shared a few photos from my trip to Disneyland last week, this week I’ve decided to share some of my favorite photos from California Adventure:  Continue reading

Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration

June 8, 2015

Disneyland Diamond Celebration Sleeping Beauty CastleHappy Monday! I’m so excited to be sharing some of my favorite photos from my trip to Disneyland today! As some of you may know, I spent the last week of May in California for the kick off of Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration! Since the celebration started May 22 and my mom’s birthday is May 23, we thought the timing was perfect for a quick trip (well, it wasn’t a “quick trip” since we spent 5 1/2 days at Disneyland and a few days in LA!) Like with my Disney World posts, I’ve decided to break the parks up, so California Adventure will have its own separate post! With Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration came an all new fireworks spectacular, Disneyland Forever and Paint the Night, the new electrical parade! Both were AMAZING but Disneyland Forever actually brought me to tears (to be fair, Disney fireworks always bring me to tears no matter how many times I’ve seen them!) The mix of Disney music, movie clips, fireworks and special effects just makes me really emotional! Continue reading