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Bits and Pieces: Disneyland During Halloween

October 24, 2022

Disneyland During HalloweenHappy Monday! I can’t believe October is almost over. How are we about to be 11 months into 2022?! I wanted to post two more posts before the month is up. The first post being this one and the second one being the part two to my monthly pin post that I promised.

One of my absolute favorite times to visit Disneyland is during Halloween time. The weather is perfect (well, normally it is. There was a heat wave when I went but let’s not talk about that). The Haunted Mansion becomes Haunted Mansion Holiday. The decor is top notch. And the seasonal food is mouth watering. 

I just LOVE Disneyland during the fall!

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Disney World vs. Disneyland During Halloween: Which is Better?

October 18, 2019

Disney World vs. Disneyland During Halloween: Which is Better?As you all know, I LOVE holidays. No really, I love them. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, heck even Arbor Day! I just love celebrating. And no one does the holidays quite like the Disney Parks. With Halloween right around the corner, you might be wondering “Which is better during Halloween time, Disneyland or Disney World?”. Well, today I’m here to answer that question.

I’m going to be rating the parks based on five categorizes: Halloween Parties, Ride Layovers, Other Offerings Nearby, Treats and Decor. Each category will have a “winner”. In the end, the park with the most wins…wins!

Also, this post is essentially comparing Magic Kingdom (located in Walt Disney World Resort) and Disneyland (located within Disneyland Resort) during Halloween time.

So….. yeah. 

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2019 Disney Halloween Merchandise | Walt Disney World

August 26, 2019

2019 Disney Halloween Merchandise | Disney World | World of Disney Halloween MerchandiseFall is officially here! Just kidding. But I wish it was. Go away summer, you’ve overstayed your welcome. Fall might not be here just yet, BUT, the 2019 Disney Halloween Merchandise has officially been released. And spoiler alert: It’s all so adorable! Like seriously, I want it ALL.

The photos in this post were all taken at the World of Disney in Disney Springs, however, a lot of this merchandise can also be found on Shop Disney online. (Which is perfect for those, like me, who don’t live near Disney)! 

Here’s the new 2019 Disney Halloween Merchandise:

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10 Reasons To Visit Disneyland During Halloween Time

October 23, 2015

10 Reasons To Visit Disneyland During Halloween TimeI just got back from Disneyland yesterday and it was such a fun trip! People have asked me how I don’t get bored/sick of visiting the parks (especially since I visit Disneyland and Disney World every month, hooray for being a Disney Premier Passport holder) and it’s simple: there’s always something new to experience and discover. That’s what I LOVE about Disney, no two trips are ever the same. I could honestly visit the Disney Parks EVERYDAY and never get bored.

There’s always new memories to be made at Disney and that’s what keeps me coming back month after month (and for the rest of my life!) While I’m no stranger to visiting Disney during the holidays (I can’t wait to spend Christmas and New Years at Disney World again this year,) this was my first time experiencing Disneyland during Halloween time! I’m a sucker for all things holiday and all things Disney so combining the two was like a match made in heaven for me.

I had a BLAST visiting Disneyland this past week and I think it’s something everyone should experience at least once. Here are ten reasons to visit Disneyland during Halloween time: Continue reading