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Firmoo: Stylish and Affordable Glasses

February 16, 2015

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I always took pride in the fact that I was the ONLY person in my family that didn’t need glasses, that is until 7th grade. For some reason after our yearly school vision screening, I got a note saying I needed glasses. I was completely shocked. I’ve always been able to see perfectly (and I always loved the fact that I was the only person in my family who was glasses free.) Long story short, I don’t really “need” glasses (technically I do, but I don’t really wear them) because I can see very well, it’s just that sometimes far away small print can appear blurry. In fact, the only time I ever wore glasses was when I was in college and I had lecture classes with 400+ people and the board was far away. Now that I’ve graduated college and my job requires me to use a computer constantly, I’ve noticed that my “rare” blurry vision moments have become “sometimes” blurry vision moments. So when Firmoo reached out to me about reviewing a pair of their prescription glasses, I thought “what a perfect excuse to start wearing glasses again!” 

There were so many ADORABLE glasses to choose from but I finally settled on a super cute pair of blue (although they kind of look lavender/purple in certain lighting) glasses! Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a huge obsession with Lisa Frank and these glasses instantly reminded me of my favorite childhood folders! 
Firmoo.com is a Global Optical Online Store that offers hundreds of styles of glasses/sunglasses for men & women! They ship to dozens of countries and have dozens of amazing glasses styles, shapes and colors! I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t it weird buying glasses online” or “Didn’t you want to try them on first?” What I loved about Firmoo was their virtual “try-on” view, where you can upload your photo to see how the glasses would look on you or use model/look alike pictures provided by the site. The woman in the photo has a similar round shaped head so I know this style of glasses would look great on me!
The glasses arrived in an adorable map themed case (which I love because traveling is my favorite hobby!) I am seriously in love with my new Firmoo glasses! I love the unique blue coloring and they fit my face (and personality) perfectly! I guess I might start wearing glasses again after all! If you’re looking for an adorable (and affordable) new pair of glasses, I definielty recommend Firmoo! Firmoo has an AWESOME promotion going on right now: all new/first time customers can get a 50% off code on frames site wide! 
Have you ever bought glasses online?
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**Special thanks to Firmoo.com for sending me these adorable glasses! Check out Firmoo.com for more adorable glasses at affordable prices!**