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MUST HAVE: Rifle Paper Co. Travel America Calendar

August 27, 2013

FINALLY! I have been waiting for Rifle Paper Co. to include Chicago in a calendar for almost 2 years! When last years ‘Cities Around the World’ calendar was released I was so bummed that  Chicago wasn’t one of the major cities included. Rifle’s newest calendar focuses on famous cities & landmarks in America. The calendar allows you to “Travel to twelve iconic American landmarks without ever leaving your home”.

These cities include: Chicago (OH YEAH), Savannah, Hawaii, New York City, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Kentucky, Nantucket, Yosemite, Aspen, San Francisco and The Grand Canyon. Each month features a well known  landmark from the respective city (Chicago is Wrigley Field.) I think is calendar is ADORABLE and I can’t wait until 2014 to use this calendar!!

DORM MUST HAVE: Inflatable Animal Head

August 12, 2013

Nothing says “Welcome to my room” quite like a huge animal head trophy mounted on your wall. But if you’re like me and aren’t a hunter, you have to get a little more creative with your animal head trophies. Introducing inflatable animal heads! You get all the pride and  cuteness without all the work of hunting, stuffing and hanging a real animal (plus that’s gross!)
Head over to Vat19 for an inflatable Bear, Tiger, Shark or Dino all for the low price of $14.99.
The adorable unicorn pictured above will be available soon at FredFlare for $28. (Luckily, I already picked mine up from a local Chicago boutique for only $24 YIPPE.) But if you can’t wait, Urban Outfitters has it for $30.
I can’t WAIT to hang my new unicorn trophy in my dorm room!
*2014 UPDATE: This adorable unicorn (I named her Miley) was the official mascot of my room during my entire senior year of college!*

MUST HAVE: iPhone Cases

July 16, 2013

  1. Next to French Bulldogs, Dalmatians are my favorite breed of dog. Their adorable spots & regal bodies give them a very fashionable appearance. There has to be a reason Cruella Deville wanted them so bad, right? This cute case is available at J. Crew for $20.
  2. I’ve developed a ‘thing’ for foxes lately. For the past 4 months my lock-screen has featured Ash, the adorable and misunderstood fox, from Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. This adorable critter case is available at Urban Outfitters for $14. 
  3. Hello Gorgeous! When I found out one of my favorite companies were producing iPhone cases I almost died. Rifle Paper Co. has the cutest collection of iPhone cases (just about everything on their site is adorable.) This tricolored case is available at Rifle Paper Co. for $36.
  4. I just want summer to last forever, why not keep summer around via this adorable case?This tropical Juicy Couture case is available at SHOPBOP for $35. 

MUST HAVE- True Blood Drinks and Bites

July 7, 2013

In honor of tonight’s new episode, I’ve decided to do a tribute to HBO’S sexiest show. Okay, I NEED this book! True blood plus food? SOLD! This recipe book offers 45 quick and easy recipes all inspired by your favorite Bon Temps characters. (If the food tastes half as good as the cast looks…) Each appetizer, entree and drink recipe has a True Blood-esque name like ‘Killer Shrimp Cakes’, ‘Werewolf Biscuits’, ‘Virgin Blood,’ ‘Stake House Special’ and my personal favorite ‘Blood of Lilith.’

The book offers easy step by step instructions that even a kitchen newbie like myself could follow.
Book Bonus: the book includes quotes and commentary from the characters themselves, plus original unpublished photography from seasons 1 through 5. Seeing unpublished photos of Alexander Skarsgård is worth the price of the book alone!

This recipe book is perfect for anyone hosting a True Blood themed party or someone looking for a quick dinner fix. Either way, this is a must have for any True Blood fan.