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Etsy Planner Sticker Haul: HappyCutieStudio

September 13, 2019

Etsy Planner Sticker Haul: Happy Cutie Studio
Guess what?! I’m back with another Planner post. Hooray! Today, I’m going to be sharing a Etsy Planner Sticker Haul. All of the stickers in this haul came from the adorable Etsy shop HappyCutieStudio! No, this is not sponsored in anyway. Nor was I gifted any of these stickers. (But if you want to send me free stickers, wink wink). I just wanted to highlight a super adorable small business! 

So go check out HappyCutieStudio!

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Michaels Planner Haul: Sticker and Washi Tape 50% off Sale

July 10, 2019

Michaels Planner HaulI’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this on the blog before but if not, I’m a HUGE “Planner Girl.” Basically, I’m one of those people who loves using a planner to stay organized. Look, I get that there’s technology know that lets us keep notes in our phones, and Google Calendar and all that jazz. But I’m a pencil and paper kind of gal.

Not only do I love jotting down my daily schedule and all that, I also LOVE decorating my planner. I know bullet journaling is super “in” right now. But, I’ve been “planning” for about four years now and I just love it. (Sorry bullet journaling!). I just love decorating my weekly spreads with colorful washi tape and a TON of stickers.

I really want to start sharing more about my planner/planning here on the blog. So, I’ve decided to make this a new regular series on Simply Sinova! Woot woot!

I get the majority of my planner supplies from Michaels.

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