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Scott Listfield ‘Astronaut’ Exhibit at Rotofugi Gallery

July 6, 2015

Scott Listfield Invasion
Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery is easily one of my favorite places here in Chicago (in fact, I visit weekly!) Although I’ve blogged about Rotofugi in the past, I’ve realized that I’ve never actually talked about (or shown) the art gallery side of it! Basically, Rotofugi is a (designer) toy store and an art gallery rolled into one (which is why it’s my FAVORITE place because it mixes two of my loves: toy collecting & art!) Each month (or so), the gallery gets a new exhibit (usually with a visit from the actual artist on opening day!) Rotofugi Gallery’s newest exhibit: Astronaut by Scott Listfield might be one of my favorites so far! Here are a few of my favorite paintings:

Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery

April 16, 2014

Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery
I have a new favorite place: Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & GalleryRotofugi is located in Chicago’s Lincoln park neighborhood and is half toy store half art gallery. I love Rotofugi so much because it sells all of my favorite things like Kidrobot blind boxes, Funko Pops, Doctor Who stuff, Yummy World plushes and so much more! I could literally spend hours in this store! Sorry for the photo overload but this place is AWESOME! Continue reading