Monday’s Music 17 [Disney Pre-Renaissance(1970-88) Edition]

July 20, 2015

Happy Monday! Welcome to another edition of ‘Monday’s Music.’ I have to admit that I’ve been a little inconstant when it comes to this series. While it started out as a biweekly series, lately its turned into a once a month kind of thing. I feel terrible about slacking off on this series (especially since I love making these playlists so much,) but I’m happy to announce that staring next week, you can expect a Monday’s Music playlist EVERY other Monday for the rest of the year (if you’d like to see a certain playlist theme, make sure to leave a comment down below!) Continuing on with my Disney Playlists (I had so much fun putting together my favorite songs from Disney’s Golden Age,) this week’s top songs all come from Disney’s Pre-Renaissance era aka the era of Disney’s most UNDERRATED films (seriously, how many people do you know who love or even like Robin Hood, The Black Cauldron or The Great Mouse Detective?) Sure, NOTHING beats the Disney Renaissance, but I think it’s crazy how little respect Disney’s Pre-Renaissance era gets (I happen to love the films of this era!)Why Should I Worry – Oliver & Company // Heffalumps And Woozles – The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh // Best of Friends – The Fox and the Hound // Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat – The Aristocats // Love – Robin Hood // Once Upon a Time in New York City – Oliver & Company // World’s Greatest Criminal Mind – The Great Mouse Detective // Someone’s Waiting for You – The Rescuers // Good Company – Oliver & Company 

For reference, this list refers to any Disney film made within the Pre-Renaissance era (i.e 1970-1988.) Meaning, this list could include any of the following films: The Aristocats, Robin Hood, Pete’s Dragon, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Rescuers, The Fox and the HoundThe Black CauldronThe Great Mouse DetectiveThe Brave Little Toaster and Oliver and Company. Now time for a few fun facts:

 Why Should I Worry, Once Upon a Time in New York City & Good Company. As you can clearly see, I LOVE Olive & Company. It’s definitely one of my favorite “underrated” Disney films (it’s crazy, I know SO MANY people, including hardcore Disney fans, who have never seen this film?!)

• Heffalumps And Woozles. When I was eight years old I wanted nothing more than to dress up as a Heffalump or Woozle for Halloween but since they didn’t sell costumes of them, I went as my favorite character (at the time) Pikachu!
• World’s Greatest Criminal Mind. This song is definitely in my top 5 favorite Disney villain songs (my FAVORITE will forever be Scar’s Be Prepared!)
• Someone’s Waiting for You. I VIDLY remember watching The Rescuers for the first time when I was four years old and thinking this was the saddest song in the world!

• Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat. I have NEVER been a cat person, in fact, I’d go as far as saying I hate cats (dogs all the way) but I can’t lie, Marie, Berlioz and Toulous are some of the CUTEST Disney characters ever!

What’s your favorite song from Disney’s Pre-Renaissance era? 

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