Blind Box & Bag Roundup 24. (Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis)

February 25, 2016

Funko Princess Mystery Minis
Happy Thursday and welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup! In case you couldn’t already tell, I LOVE opening blind boxes and blind bags. I just love the mystery of it all. It’s so fun hoping for certain figures and then being pleasantly (or not so pleasantly) surprised with what you get. As some of you may have already seen on Instagram, I picked up a few new Funko Mystery Minis at Hot Topic earlier this week. Obviously I LOVE Disney and Disney Princesses, so of course I couldn’t leave Hot Topic without picking up a few of the new Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis. As soon as I found out about the Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis, I knew I’d want to collect them but I couldn’t have imagined I’d love them as much as I do. In my opinion, the Funko Mystery Minis have been slacking for a while but this new Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis series more than makes up for that!Disney Princess Mystery Minis Funko
These Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis were just released this month and the set includes eight princesses and one sidekick per princess, for a total of 16 figures. The princesses themselves are pretty common, with each having a 1/12 chance of getting one (expect for Elsa, who you have a 1/6 chance of getting, because of course, they have to push Frozen down our throats as much as possible). The sidekicks, on the other hand, are harder to get (which makes me a little sad because they’re so darn cute I want them more than the princesses!) Since I got these at Hot Topic, I had the possibility of getting one of the four Hot Topic exclusives: Pocahontas, Meeko, Mulan or Mushu (the non Hot Topic exclusive Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis come with Jasmine, Raja, Merida and one of Merida’s brothers as a bear cub). Personally, I didn’t care which figures I got (I know I say that a lot but come on, look at them! They are all equally ADORABLE!).Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis Figures
I got Elsa (I kind of guessed I’d get her since she was the most common figure), Ariel and Pocahontas (who’s a Hot Topic exclusive!). Can we just talk about how ADORABLE these Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis are!?!! LOOK AT THEM! These might be my favorite Funko Mystery Minis yet! They’re just so kawaii I can’t even stand it. I’ll definitely be picking up some more Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis soon (I NEED the whole set!) Stay tuned next week for a special Zootopia themed Blind Box & Bag Roundup! (I can’t WAIT to see that film next week!). 

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