Bringing Back the True Lumberjack with the Dinty Moore® brand

July 3, 2016

the Dinty Moore® brand
Ah the lumberjack. You know, those guys who have long breads, wear flannel shirts and hiking boots and always seems to have an axe over their shoulders? What if I told you that what you’re imagining ISN’T in fact a lumberjack. The lumberjacks many people (myself included) think of today are not the typical axe throwing, wood chopping or crosscut sawing burly men of the logging world, rather, they are now typically spotted in a fitted flannel and trendy lace-up boots with freshly trimmed beards to match: the lumbersexuals. Not to be confused with his progenitor, the lumberjack, the lumbersexual is more likely to be arranging his new wood coffee table in his dining room than actually sawing wood. I know what you’re thinking “so what is a “real” lumberjack?” Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® brand
There’s more to being a lumberjack than simply wearing flannel and boots. The right training is definitely key to becoming a “real” lumberjack! Lumberjacks need to eat, constantly, to overcome their rigorous training (trust me, axe throwing and wood chopping is NOT an easy task!). That’s why lumberjacks love Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew. Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew is a quick and hearty option for aspiring lumberjacks (and it’s SUPER yummy too!).Dinty Moore® brand
Speaking of aspiring lumberjacks, as part of the Dinty Moore® brand campaign to bring back the true lumberjack, the Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® brand went to the depths of Minnesota in search of a team of lumbersexuals to transform into real lumberjacks and, ultimately, compete in a professional lumberjack competition this summer! The Dinty Moore® brand is partnering with STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® and professional lumberjack Adrian Flygt to train the lumbersexuals in core areas of logging and forestry, giving them the necessary skills to walk, talk and compete like a lumberjack! Timbersports are intense, requiring true grit and toughness to swing that axe like a pro – and the makers of Dinty Moore® stew are excited to expose fans to the rigorous, disciplined and exciting journey of becoming a lumberjack. With the official lumberjack training completed this spring, the lumbersexual team—Lumber Michael, Lumber Jamin, Lumber Ben, and Lumber Ian—will now move on to compete at the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series U.S. Pro and Collegiate Championships on July 15 in Chicago, sponsored by the makers of Dinty Moore® beef stew. That’s what I LOVE about living in Chicago, there’s always fun activities like this to attend (watching a bunch of lumbersexuals train and transform into lumberjacks? SIGN ME UP!). Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew
One thing is for sure, those Lumbersexuals are going to need to lots of Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew to prepare for this summers STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series U.S. Pro and Collegiate Championships! For more information about the journey to becoming a true lumberjack with the makers of Dinty Moore® beef stew, visit MooreJ and join in the #MooreJacks conversation on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter! 

*Special thanks to Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® brand for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*