A Visit to Crumbl Cookies – Wicker Park Chicago

June 30, 2021

Crumbl Cookies Wicker Park Chicago
Hey friends! Guess what? Today was the start of a brand new chapter in my life (but more on that later). And to celebrate I decided to visit the brand new Crumbl Cookies here in Chicago. Before I get into this post I wanted to say that I’ve REALLY been into blogging again. Like I actively take my camera with me again and I’ve been coming up with lots of fun blog post ideas. In fact, I already have the next 3 blog posts lined up. 

(I was meaning to post another one first but I was just so excited about my cookies I decided to publish this one first. Hehehe).

If you’ve never been to Crumbl Cookies…then you’re missing out!

Crumbl Cookies Wicker Park Chicago

I’m sure you’re heard of Crumbl Cookies or seen it on TikTok by now but if you haven’t, it’s a cookie shop where the flavors change weekly. It went viral on TikTok a while back and let me tell you, it lives up to the hype. It seems like new locations are popping up everywhere.

A new location (the one I visited today) just opened up here in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. That means Crumbl Cookies is now only 20 minutes from me, woot woot! Prior to this my closet location was 45 minutes away in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Crumbl CookiesCrumbl Cookies

Like I mentioned earlier, at this cookie shop the flavors change weekly. That’s part of the fun! There’s a sense of urgency. You want to experience the new flavors and not miss out. Genuis marketing honestly.

This week’s flavors were: Cake batter, chocolate chip, cornbeard, Nutella mudslide, chilled coconut lime and mallow sandwich featuring oreo.

See how it says “currently sold out” above the mallow sandwich featuring oreo? Yes, cookies do sell out fast BUT they restock within 30 minutes. 

Crumbl Cookies Crumbl Cookies corn beard

You can order single cookies, a 4 pack or a party pack (12 cookies). Since the Oreo cookie was sold out (it took about 15 minutes for them to restock), I first ordered a 4 pack with Nutella, chocolate chip, cake batter and corn beard cookies.

Crumbl Cookies

While I was waiting the 15 minutes for them to restock I had the whole store to myself! Personally I’ve never been to Crumbl while it was packed. But I’ve seen/heard about people waiting 30 mins to an hour for cookies. So my advice is to get there early. 

Crumbl Cookies oreo

15 minutes later I ordered another 4 pack of cookies but this time I got two marshmallow, another chocolate chip and another Nutella cookie.

I always try to purchase at least one of each cookie but this trip I didn’t order any coconut lime because I can’t eat coconut.

Crumbl Cookies

They were all SUPER yummy but if I had to rank them best to least it’s: Nutella mudslide, mallow sandwich, cake batter, chocolate chip and cornbread. 

I can’t wait to see what next weeks flavors are!