Bits and Pieces: Magic Kingdom – Disney World 50th Anniversary

April 11, 2022

Magic Kingdom Disney World 50th Anniversary Cinderella Castle
I was on Pinterest the other day (yes I still love browsing Pinterest) and I saw one of MY photos show up on my explore page. (This is only the third time that’s ever happened to me!). It was a photo of some candy from Honeydukes in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter from one of my old Bits and Pieces posts. I completely forgot that I started this series back in 2019. Honestly, I actually loved posting little bits and pieces from my trips but then 2020/covid hit…well, you know what happened with that.

I went back through some of my old Bit and Pieces posts and I thought “Aww, I need to post more of these.” Plus, I never get tired of posting more related Disney posts. And since I’ll be in Disneyland this weekend celebrating my birthday, it only makes sense to post another Disney post to the blog!

So here’s a few (like legit five?!) cute photos from Magic Kingdom:

Magic Kingdom Disney World 50th Anniversary Mickey Popcorn Bucket

This question is for all my Disney Parks lovers out there. What’s better than a cute popcorn bucket?

Disney World 50th Anniversary Mickey Popcorn Bucket Minnie Sipper

A cute sipper that matches the popcorn bucket! Duh. I am in LOVE with the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Mickey popcorn bucket and matching Minnie sipper. The Mickey popcorn bucket was available all throughout Magic Kingdom. But I was only able to find the Minnie sipper at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. 

Disney food sometimes has this habit of looking so cute that you’d think it would taste as great as it looks. But alas, the only “good” thing about it is it’s appearance. Case in point: the Donald Duck Dome Cake. This cake consists of lemon mousse with blueberry filling, citrus cake and buttercream. It even sounds like it would be tasty, right?!

Disney World Cheshire Cat Tail

You know what Magic Kingdom treat IS good? The Cheshire Cat Tail! This yummy chocolate filled pastry is available at Cheshire Cafe in Fantasyland and it’s one of my favorite Disney treats!

Did this post really have a purpose? No. Am I going to post it anyway? Yes.