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Broswing Mitsuwa Marketplace in Chicago + Kawaii Haul

March 26, 2021

Japanese market Mitsuwa Marketplace in Chicago Plushies
Happy Friday. Is it just me or is 2021 going by super fast? Like how is it APRIL next week?! (Aka my birthday month woohoo). I mean, I’ll take it I guess. I feel like 2020 was so slow so this fast pace 2021 is actually kinda refreshing. Also, random fact, but as I’m typing this (on March 25th), there’s exactly NINE months until Christmas, YAY!

I’ve blogged about Mitsuwa before (you can check that out here), it’s this really cute Japanese marketplace located right outside of Chicago. I don’t really leave my house to often (hello, we are still in a pandemic folks) but since this is basically a grocery store, I decided to visit last weekend to see what they had and to pick up a few items.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tour + 1 Year of ACNH

March 17, 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons Dom
First things first, Happy St. Patricks day. Second, my birthday is officially only ONE MONTH away (April 17th). And finally, you guys, it’s week THREE of me posting consistently! Woohoo. Gosh I missed blogging so much. It’s so therapeutic. There’s just something about sitting down, gathering your thoughts and writing/typing them out.

This Saturday (the 20th) marks ONE YEAR since the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons. I’ve talked about this on the blog before, but Animal Crossing helped me so much during quarantine. I seriously don’t know how I would have survived (okay maybe I’m being a bit extra but you get my point) March-May 2020 without this game. In honor of its one year anniversary I thought it would be fun to do a little mini tour of my island. Disclaimer, for the sake of time I won’t be typing out “Animal Crossing New Horizons” each and ever time I reference the game. So, for those who don’t know, Animal Crossing New Horizons = ACNH.

Here’s a little tour of my ACNH island:

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Collecting McDonald’s Pokemon 25th Anniversary Happy Meal Cards

March 12, 2021

McDonalds Pokemon 25th Anniversary Happy Meal
Hey everyone. I bet you thought I was going to forget to post this week? Nope, I meant it when I said I was going to (try to) post at least once a week. Sure last week I posted on a Monday but *technically I didn’t say which day I would be posting on. Hehehehehe. So I’ve kept my word so far, yay!

I don’t know about kids today but us 90s kids had the BEST McDonald’s Happy Meal toys! Anyone remember the Disney VHS Happy Meal toys? How about the Space Jam plushies (I still have my Bugs and Lola ones to this day)? Oh my gosh, what about the BEANIE BABIES?! Yup, the Happy Meal toys used to be everything. Honestly the toys were better than the Happy Meal/the food.

I haven’t even thought about Happy Meal toys in like 15+ years but when I heard they were bringing back Pokemon cards, I knew I had to jump on that nostalgia train!

How could I not?!

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A Walk Down Memory Lane: Missing My Favorite Art Museums

March 1, 2021

The Philadelphia Museum of ArtHi everyone! Happy March! Long time no see, I know, I know. I’m happy to announce that from here on out I’m going to (try to) start posting regularly again. At one point in time I was posting three times a week (usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday) but for now I’m going to try to commit to at least once a week. (And then slowly increase to twice a week and so on).

Now that it is officially March and we’re approaching the one year mark of the pandemic, I thought why not do a little walk down memory lane. In today’s post I wanted to talk about one of the things I’ve really been missing lately: my museum visits. (More specially, visiting art museums). First world problems, I know. Trust me, this pandemic has effected my life (and so many others) in more ways that I could ever describe but I wanted to keep it semi light hearted!

An ode to all my favorite art museums:

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It’s 2021

January 1, 2021

Long time no see. Happy New year! It’s been about 9 months since I’ve written a blog post. When my blog hosting expired back in August I went back and fourth about just not renewing it and deleting this blog all together. But I knew I wouldn’t be about to forgive myself because this blog just holds so many memories. Even if I don’t update it much anymore, I at least want those memories/old posts to look back out. I’ve grown so much as a person since started this blog back in 2013 and I it really makes me smile going back and re-reading old posts.

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