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Exploring Hamilton: The Exhibition

August 14, 2019

Hamilton: The ExhibitionIt’s no secret I’m a HUGE Disney lover. In fact, I’m heading to Orlando tomorrow (Thursday, the 15th) for my third Disney Cruise. But, there’s something else I love just as much as Disney: Broadway! There’s just something about the theater that just makes my heart happy. Seeing all those talented performers on stage singing, dancing and acting their hearts out, it’s just an incredible thing to witness. 

At the moment I have four favorite Broadway shows. I know, I know, “You can’t narrow it down to one?.” No, I can’t. These four Broadway shows have an equal place in my heart. The first one is Wicked, the first show I ever saw on Broadway. (So of course, it’s always going to be meaningful to me). The next show is Dear Evan Hansen. And even though I’ve only seen it once (so far), it left such a huge impression on me. The third is The Book of Mormon, which currently holds the record for the show I’ve seen the most times. I’ve seen it five times so far.

The final Broadway show is Hamilton. 

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12 Things To Do In Chicago During The Holidays

December 15, 2018

Things To Do In Chicago For The Holidays
Christmas time is here. Happiness and cheer! Ah, it really is my favorite time of year. Downtown is dressed up in lights. The holiday train is making its daily runs. Santa’s helpers (because the REAL Santa is at the North Pole prepping for the big day) are roaming the malls. Christmastime is truly here! It’s no secret that I LOVE Chicago and that I LOVE Christmas. So of course I love Chicago during Christmastime! There’s no shortage of fun and festive things to do in the city during the holiday season.

Here’s 12 things to do in Chicago during the holidays:

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Christmas Around the World | Museum of Science and Industry

December 7, 2018

Christmas Around the World at the Museum of Science and Industry
No one does Christmas quite like the Museum of Science and Industry. That’s one of the things I love so much about living in Chicago, the city really does go all out during the holidays. One of my favorite holiday traditions is visiting the Christmas Around the World exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. I’ve been visiting this exhibit since I was a little girl. Usually my school would take a field trip to the museum during December to see the exhibit, but field trip or not, my family always made sure to make a special trip to see this exhibit!

Even though visiting Christmas Around the World has been a tradition of mine for the last 23 years, it dawned on me that I’ve never dedicated a blog post to this festive exhibit! (Whoops, my bad!). So today, I wanted to share a few (who am I kidding this post has over 200 photos) photos from my visit a few weeks ago! Warning, this post is VERY photo heavy. So like Scar would say… BE PREPARED!

But seriously, there’s like 200 photos in this post. You have been warned…

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2018 Macy’s Holiday Windows on State Street in Chicago

November 19, 2018

2018 Macy's Holiday Windows on State Street in Chicago
It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas here in Chicago! Ah, I’m so excited. My favorite time of the year is officially underway. Earlier this month Macy’s debuted this years holiday windows and I finally got around to checking them out for myself!

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of adorable window displays (especially holiday themed ones). If you’re a big fan of holiday windows displays like me, make sure to check out these adorable Disneyland Paris holiday windows and this amazing Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs holiday window display from my trip to NYC last year!

But seriously, does it get more festive than this?

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Come What May | Shopping for Vinyl Records at Barnes & Noble

November 12, 2018

Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Vinyl Record
It’s been SO long since I’ve shared a Vinyl Hunt on the blog and honestly, it’s because I haven’t bought a record in some time. Every time I’ve gone to the thrift store lately, I just haven’t been able to find anything worth buying. (Well, recrod wise anyway). And vinyls have gotta WAY to expensive to buy “new”/from regular stores.

Since I had a 10% off Barens and Noble coupon and a couple of bucks on an old gift card I never used, I thought “hey, why not try vinyl hunting this weekend?”. So that’s exactly what I did! I’m not going to lie, I was super impressed by the vinyl selection at Barnes & Noble! They had way more records than I thought they’d have!

(And I even found the vinyl soundtrack of my FAVORITE movie)!

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