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Alex and Ani Disney Bracelet Collection

July 13, 2016

Alex and Ani Disney Bracelet Collection
If you’ve been following my monthly Disney Parks Hauls, than you may already know about my latest obsession: Alex and Ani Disney bracelets. It’s funny because I am NOT a jewelry person but for some reason, I love these bracelets (then again, it’s hard for me not to love anything Disney related). I’ve been wanting to share more about my many collections (like Disney mugs, Disney plushies, Funko’s, Disney pins, etc) here on the blog so I thought “why not start off with one of my newer collections?”

Even though I only bought my first Alex and Ani Disney bracelet a little under a year ago, I’ve already grown quite a collection of them (nine so far!). Aside from how cute they are, I think my favorite thing about Alex and Ani is that the brand is all about spreading positive energy (and if you’ve been following this blog and my 12 Months of Happiness series for awhile, than you know I’m all about spreading positive energy too!).  Continue reading

Disney Store Haul: March 2016

March 16, 2016

Disney Store HaulHappy Wednesday! It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a new Disney Haul! Sadly, this month marked the end of my monthly Disney trips (insert crying emoj!). That’s right, March was the first month since August 2015 that I didn’t visit either Disneyland or Disney World. BUT, on the bright side, in LESS THAN A MONTH (I leave April 15th) I’ll be headed to Disneyland Paris to celebrate my 24th birthday (which is April 17th aka the BEST DAY EVER!). Then, it’s back to Disney World in May for the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. Speaking of international Disney Parks trips, I’m currently in the process of planning/booking my Tokyo Disneyland trip (visiting Tokyo Disneyland would seriously be a dream come true so fingers crossed everything works out/goes according to plan!). Since I had such a blast sharing my last Disney Store Haul in January (and since I don’t have a Disney Parks Haul to share since I didn’t visit the parks this month), for this month’s Disney Haul I decided to share another Disney Store Haul (since I shop there so often!). Here’s my March Disney Store haul: Continue reading

Disney Store Haul: January 2016

January 27, 2016

Disney Store Haul
Happy Wednesday! Disney is such a HUGE part of my life (if you couldn’t already tell from my monthly Disneyland and Disney World trips) and one of my goals is to make it a huge part of this blog as well. I always have so much fun sharing my monthly Disney Parks Hauls here on the blog so I thought, “why not start sharing some of my Disney Store hauls too?”! Aside from Target, the Disney Store is probably the store I shop at the most (can you blame me, everything is so adorable there!) Earlier this month, the Disney Store was having a HUGE online blowout sale (seriously, some stuff was as cheap as $1?!!) which included FREE SHIPPING and of course I couldn’t resist stocking up on a few new Disney items! I’m such a sucker for cute Disney stuff which is ironic because everything but one item in this haul is from Disney’s D/Style Collection (which is a collection of Japanese inspired Kawaii Disney stuff!). Here’s my January Disney Store haul:  Continue reading

Beach Day + Lenovo™ 500 Bluetooth® Speaker GIVEAWAY

August 11, 2015

Although summer isn’t technically over until late September, with back to school underway (thank goodness that part of my life is over) and fall clothing starting to hit stores (oddly enough, I’ve seen some stores already gearing up for Halloween), it seems like my “carefree summer days” are coming to an end. Since I graduated college over a year ago (shoutout to the class of 2014), summers aren’t exactly like they were when I was a kid. When I was in school, summer was basically a two and a half month ‘responsibility break.’ I didn’t have to worry about things like homework, studying or tests. Even when I had a summer job and internships, there was still a careful feeling to summer. Since I’m no longer in school and am working full time, summers are more or less like every other season but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy all the fun things associated with it!  For me, summer is all about BBQ’s, hanging out with friends, music festivals, traveling (I’m so excited to be heading to DC THIS WEEK and Disney World next week) and of course, spending countless hours at the beach! 

Continue reading

Favorite Fashion Finds 44. (ft. Ramona Cristea)

July 14, 2015

Who? Ramona Cristea of Ramona Crisstea
What She’s Wearing: H&M hat, Vero Moda blouse, original (made my Ramona herself) fringe skirt, Zara shoes and Mohito bag.
Fashion Icon: “It is quite hard to decide who is my fashion icon, but if I were to decide on someone I would say that I really appreciate Negin Mirsalehi for her work and achievements.” Moreover it is such a great source of inspiration.
What fashion means to her: “In a few words, fashion means to me gorgeous pieces, made personal by adding your own style combined with your own feelings and inspiration.”
For more on Ramona, you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
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