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Disneyland Memorabilia Park Pack

June 9, 2016

Disneyland Memorabilia Park Pack
Back in May, Disney released a one-time-only, mystery-boxed collector’s memorabilia Park Pack that was aimed to “take you back to the opening day of Disneyland park on July 17, 1955.” The set (which was priced at $99) had a limited edition size of 1,200 and the contents of the mystery-boxed package was hinted to include “a mix of items ranging from sculptured replicas and medallions to paper collectibles.” Being the HUGE Disney (if you couldn’t tell from my MONTHLY Disney Parks trips or from the fact that 80% of the last 10 posts on this blog have been Disney themed) and blind box/mystery lover that I am, I knew I couldn’t pass this box up! Vintage-themed Disneyland merch? YES PLEASE! I’m so glad that Disney is expanding the Park Pack beyond just pins (you may remember my Disney Park Pack pin reviews from last summer!). Supposedly, Disney is releasing another non-pin Disney Park Pack in July that is Disney ear hat ornament themed (I can’t wait, I LOVE Disney ornaments/Disney themed Christmas stuff!). Continue reading

August 2015 Disney Park Pack + Disney World TOMORROW

August 22, 2015

August Disney Park Pack
Happy Saturday! I know I don’t usually post on weekends but since I’m heading to Disney World TOMORROW (I’m so excited), I wanted to get this post up before my trip. Although I’m still really into the idea of the Disney Park Pack’s, I’ve noticed quite a few people have been disappointed with them. In fact, while May, June and July’s Park Pack’s were snatched up within minutes of their release, this month’s took over five days to sell out. I do understand that they’re a little pricey and the pins released up until this point might not have been everyone’s cup of tea (I’ve liked them all so far) but for now, I still think they’re worth it (fingers crossed for a Beauty and the Beast Park Pack LE pin in the near future!) 
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July 2015 Disney Park Pack + Newest Disney Pins

July 16, 2015

Disney Park Pack
I LOVE snail mail (seriously, I’d prefer a hand written letter over a text or email ANYDAY!) I think it’s my love of getting packages that always drew me to subscription boxes. Although I’ve tried almost every kind of monthly subscription box under the sun (geek/gamer, beauty, jewelry, even food) I just haven’t found the right one for me (Loot Crate and ipsy are both tied as my longest subscriptions lasting six months each.) Even with the cheaper/$10 monthly boxes, overtime, I found them to be a waste. I was seriously starting to think that maybe subscription boxes weren’t for me until I discovered the holy grail of monthly boxes: Park Pack from Disney Parks! Anyone who knows me (or anyone who spends 30 seconds on my blog or Instagram) knows that I’m a Disney fanatic! Now I know everyone (or most people) “loves Disney” but for me it’s deeper than that! Disney is MY LIFE (seriously, I have a Disneyland and Disney World trip planned every other month until March 2016!) So when I heard that Disney was making their own subscription box (related to pins nonetheless) I was more than thrilled!  Continue reading